Max’s Everything You Always Wanted to Eat: ORW17


Oakland–Yes Virginia, there is a Max’s Diner in Oakland, tucked away in Oakland City Center.  When you go, take BART or other pubic transportation, or park on the street for $2 an hour.  The City Center parking garage is $6 for every 20 minutes.

Owned by Amanda Burman, it is the traditional Max’s Diner and more.  Fridays desserts are 50% off as well as after 4pm.  The menu has drinks listed “for kids, moms, and recovering bartenders”.

There is a Happy Hour Monday through Friday from 3 to 6pm.  They are closed on the weekends.

My dining companion, MacArthur, went in a different direction than me, he ordered from “The Fit Menu”, a $12 meal with ” . . .  healthy choices from Max’s menu, collaborated with Active (formerly Club One) fitness professionals, and added a coupe new items to fit your needs.”

The Fit Menu is divided into fork(bowl or salad) or hand (wrap or sandwich).  One can get salmon, turkey, chicken, veggie, or cobb.

I had a quesadilla and guacamole salsa n’ chips.

Amanda insisted we have the chocolate macaroons. She said they were tiny, I guess it’s all relative.  I took them to go and ate both.  Amanda kindly sent me home with the famous chicken matzo ball soup for my girlfriend who was home sick.

It was a great experience.  Loved the sayings on the walls:  “Eat Darling Eat” “This is a bad place for a diet” “Critics not welcome” (good thing I am a writer not a critic).

We were most welcome from the host to our waiter, Malik, to the servers and folks who cleared the table. And when I left my computer there, it was safely returned to me.

Look for an expansion of meal kits and subscription meals.

I can’t wait to go back.

They also do catering and private events.

And yes, the Warriors come in, it’s near the administrative offices.  The Chris Mullins picture is part of a fundraiser.


Max’s Diner & Bar

500 12th St.

Oakland, CA 94607

Peace, love, gratitude, joy, faith, compassion and blessings.


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