text-63559_640by Mau Kirkwood

Where is truth behind justice?


Justice a form of inducing superiority,

superiority above those with less rights,

rights taken immediately because of skin color.


Color doesn’t matter when you bleed!

Bleed out negativity of racism and sexism,

sexism a method of oppression because of gender,

gender has no preferences when you die.

Die all day long and no one’s watching–  

watching life get twisted by society’s rules,

rules made of flawed opinions and theories,

theories don’t amount to much when your pockets are empty.


Empty inside because people decide they can’t hear,

hear the voices speaking out against brutality,

brutality another way of saying look, and listen to me!

Me the one affected by ignorance—

Ignorance isn’t bliss, it proves there’s permanent inequality.

Inequality evidently a foundation of world,

world I’m glad I don’t belong to or love,

love greater than selfish desires.

Desires to observe peace doing its work,

work to get humanity on a good track–

Track leading to sunshine and blue skies,

skies not filled with hatred and lies.


Lies told frequently and no one seems to notice,

notice how we went from life to darkness–

darkness can’t exist without light,

light in those who let it shine.

Shine from all directions change humanity’s fate!

Fate hasn’t disappeared completely,

completely we are not dim bulbs,

bulbs replaced so easily.


Easily out of sight, mind and commission,

commission yourself into the sunlight.

Sunlight joyous and peaceful to be in,

in happiness, be bright, be free!


Free from speculation, insecurity and doubt,

doubt this is where you thought I was going–

Going towards purity and its rewards,

rewards given to those who love to shine.
Shine for the world to see–


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