Shaken, not Stirred, Yes Shakewell! #ORW17



by Kiki

#ORW17 (1/19-1/29 2017) (I guess Oakland Restaurant Ten days) wasn’t catchy) started off with a bang.

My dinner date, Patrice Mustaafaa, and I enjoyed the prix fixe at Shakewell on Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland, California.

My new best friend, General Manager/Owner Tim Nugent, and his business partner and Chef/Owner, Jen Biesty, are the “business doppelgangers” to me and my husband and business partner/c0-founder/co-publisher in Arise 2.0, MacArthur Flournoy.

It was love at first site and then at first bite.

Our plates were completely clean although we didn’t lick them.  I wanted to though, but refrained.  We were full but not stuffed.  The perfect amount of food.

I indulged in a Meyer Sexy  black cow vodka, meyer lemon, combier, and cane sugar.

We both had the mesclun salad, tangerines, medjool dates, manchego, roasted almonds, balsamic vinaigrette.

Patrice had the sauteed sea bass, coraline chicory, roasted mushrooms, truffled celery fondue, mint, px (Kyla, our server,  explained this was an abbreviation for Pedro Ximenez, the name of a white Spanish wine grape) dry sherry.  Patrice graciously shared.

I did not have to share my grilled spice rubbed pork, brussels sprouts, apples, hazelnuts, Spanish hard cider sauce.

We each got the seasonal fruit tarte, creme fraiche.

I had coffee.

Everything was superb. We had reservations, I called because we were late, the person answering the phone was great, the hostess, the vibe, the other patrons, Kyla, you are the best and knowledgeable.

Jen, damn girl, and Tim, you wore us out with the dessert.

This is my dinner spot, friendly, great food, not pretentious.  I can’t believe that I was not hip to this place sooner.

Jen, when I come back I want the fried chicken, tempura fried caulifower and flatbread.

Great names for the other cocktails too:  Cannonball, The Fairlane, Love at First Sip, La Jalla Tigre, Ultima Palabra, About Thyme, Broadway & Mac, Dealer’s Choice, ad Rose Sangria.

Shakewell:  3407 Lakeshore, Oakland, California, 510.251.0329 or Open Table for reservations.

Half-off bites Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Thanks to Adrienne DeAngelo and Ellipses for setting this up and to Tim, Jen, Kayla and the wonderful food, atmosphere, and environs.

Oakland food scene rocks.  #ORW2017!

Peace, love, gratitude, compassion, and blessings.


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