I Found My “Cheers”


by Kiki

Warning:  We are talking meat and specifically pig, there are non-pig options available as well as gluten free bread.

Oakland–I have longed for a place like Cheers was for Norm, where I walk in and it feels like home, they know me and my name is called out upon entry.  I have found my place, it’s called the Gastropig, a “pork centric breakfast sandwich spot” and is co-owned by my friends Ann Thai  (self described genetic Asian mom, she will take care of you, you will eat) and Loren Goodwin.   It’s in my beloved Oakland, in uptown near the 19th street BART station and across the street from Pandora.  Got to meet the executive chef, Lance Dean Velasquez, who has an impressive resume and is returning to the food world after a 10 year absence.

I sampled items on the current menu, #Baconslut (brioche roll, applewood smoked bacon over easy egg, sharp cheddar, aleppo chili aioli with bacon), my favorite and new addiction, Not Your Momma’s PB&J, a (Firebrand Pretzel croissant roll, chunky peanut butter seasonal jam with bacon), got sneak preview tastes of #Baconslut Burger, Sausage and Brioche Strata and Ode to Genova coming, paying homage to Genova Delicatessen which closed its Oakland location after more than 90 years.

I missed the “side piece” of Waffle Iron Hashbrown with cheddar and scallions but returned and placed an order along with another Not Your Momma’s PB&J with bacon, more fresh squeezed orange juice, a kale caesar salad and a protein salad.

They also have pastries, coffee, Vietnamese iced coffee, everything served in 100% recyclable or compostable packaging.

They had me at “the Gastropig” and their use of “slut” “side pieces” and “quickies” on the menu was just “icing on the cake”.

Seats 49, is located at 2123 Franklin Street, open Monday through Friday 0700 to 1500, Sunday 0900 to 1400.  Closed Saturday.

Thanks to Diana Haven and the Ellipses team for setting this up.  Good to meet folks from East Bay Dish and SF Weekly there too.

For additional information, please visit http://www.thegastropig.com or call 510.817.4663.

5 Oinks!  That’s my highest pig rating.

Sign in the window says:  “The Dream is free the hustle is sold separately.”

Peace, love, gratitude, compassion, and blessings.


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