My Desire for Compassion: Hatred is Not Biblical

by Paul L. Grace-Neal

Oxon, Hill, MD– ***DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t going to say anything about this. I’m actually tired of the free publicity given to Pastor Burrell and the degradation afforded to other celebrities in recent days. Some hadn’t even heard of Pastor Burrell before this debauchery surfaced. However, this needs to be addressed and continue to be addressed until hateful people repent or Jesus returns (whichever comes first).

I am a LGBTQ/Humanity advocate. I am called to promote love and healing within my community and outside. That’s what God spoke to me on the steps of Hampton University when I was 19 years old. I intend to continue this today, 30 years later.

Folks, the pulpit is a PUBLIC forum. Stop using the defense of you said it to your congregation so it should be ok. At any time, people record fights, police arrests/abuse, cheating spouses, dumb pranks, club shows, etc. What makes opinionated pastors think they are above being put on social media?

I think what we should do is stage sit-ins in these churches. Lunch counters, buses, and now homophobic/hateful churches and pastors. When sermons and speeches elevate to this degree, lawyers should get rich from filings of slanderous allegations.

You may not like US but God called everyone to love one another. You might not welcome us but I DARE you to put us out. You have the right to not like anyone. We all have certain people we don’t want to be around but no one has the right to enforce their opinions on others and you definitely don’t have the right nor do I have the desire for you to enforce your opinions on me.

This is nothing new but each time someone spews treacherous darts, especially in the name of the Most High G.O.D., it is akin to pouring salt on an almost healed wound.

If you knew the many times I cried in church, avoided homophobic/transphobic folks, lost close friends, wanted to mutilate my body, “curse God and DIE!”, or tried to pray this away, I’d hope you’d be more compassionate.

If you knew the dumb questions people ask while I try to bite the bullet to answer, or the noisy people who want to know what surgeries I want to have on my genitalia???, or ignorant people who intentionally mis-gender me and tell me who I can and can’t be, I’d hope you’d have compassion with me.

If you knew the videos I’ve watched where viewers want to know if the speakers are “trannies” (tranny is a porn term only), and if you knew the process of acceptance, how many people have been fired from jobs or put out of public places, I’d hope you’d have compassion on us.

If you understand the HELL the LGBT community faces with the new leader of the free (oppressed) world, President “Hitler-Willie Lynch-Jim Crow-David Duke”, I’d hope you’d have compassion for my community!

If you know the love of Jesus who ate with thieves, murderers, prostitutes, (who even had a prostitute in His family), haters, liars, along with priests and prophets, I WOULD HOPE YOU WOULD HAVE COMPASSION ON US!!!!

And you wonder why church membership has been declining for over the last 20 years??? Hmmm…


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