From Uganda


Kampala, Uganda–I am Rev. Patrick Leuben Mukajanga, the 2013 Everyone Group Makwan Prize Winner for Human Rights. I work as executive director of St. Paul’s Voice Centre of Uganda (SPAVOC) an LGBTI Human Rights group in Kampala, Uganda and also as Executive Director of Kanoni Foundation (KAFO) and I am a minister with the Affirming Pentecostal Ministries of Uganda.

I seek to expose homophobia of the kind by Pastor Scott Lively and his associates here in Uganda.

We also seek to offer workshops on health, human rights, women’s issues, both in a Faith-based concept and in a secular modality. We seek through the various organization with which I work to do outreach to the marginalized, to uphold the dignity and equality of LGBTI persons in society, and to get health initiatives to those in need.

We document refugees membership for immigration courts in the West in LGBTI society and advocating for their just treatment in camps, detention centers, and society at large. We are encouraged and emboldened e are interested in teaming our efforts here in Kampala, Uganda, were we have good relations with several diplomatic missions from the USA, and EU nations. SPAVOC works primarily with the LGBTI community in Uganda, but also stands in solidarity with Everyone Group and the Caribbean Alliance for Equality and other global groups for equality worldwide. KAFO is a foundation for women and children, often widows and orphans here in Uganda. And the Affirming Pentecostal Ministries of Uganda is a welcoming, open, and affirming church which seeks to give LGBTI members a safe and thriving place to worship and praise.  We stand ready to work towards a better future together for Ugandan LGBTI and all LGBTI people globally. Aluta Continua, (The Struggle Continues).


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