Carrie and Debbie


by Kiki

Learning of Debbie Reynolds death within 24 hours of her daughter, reminded me of the death of my maternal grandmother for whom I was named, Elizabeth Ann Perry  (I was born Elizabeth Ann Thompson) who died within 24 hours of her daughter and my Aunt Patsy, Patricia Ann Reece.

My cousin Ryan Reece recounts that he and his mom, Colleen Gray went to the nursing home where my grandmother was staying in Great Bend, Kansas to tell her of the passing of Aunt Patsy, her daughter, Ryan’s grandmother, and Colleen’s mother.  Mumsy as she was known, had Alzheimer’s and when told responded “she was a nice lady”.

On some levels she did not recognize that Patsy was her daughter.  On other levels she did, she died within 24 hours of Patsy’s death.

Peace, love, gratitude, compassion, and blessings.






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