BE “IT” RESOLVED… I Resolve to be ME!



by Paul L. Grace-Neal
Oxon Hill, MD–As the second-hand on my analog watch ticks and the wheels and springs inside grind, I am winding down from a year filled with trials in my travels, pains throughout my process, descension towards my destination, backfalls in the midst of my breakthroughs, yet I have experienced joys along my journey, and blessings out of my blockades.

At times, I have experienced distress but not become an utter mess.  I have cussed and fussed, kicked and screamed but have not abandoned my hopes, goals, visions, and dreams.  I have even felt like giving up and letting go but was then reminded that I would only reap what I sow.

As a chapter in my life’s story comes to a close annually I often remember that life’s promises and opportunities are greater that my cognitive awareness can fathom or see.  There is so much more to life than I can conceptualize and I resolve that in moments of lows or highs .

… Weeping really does only last a little while and joy comes as I traverse each mile.

…  Although everyone who contributed to my life’s escapades may not have stuck with me, they were an integral  entity.  I could not have done everything without them regardless of whether they shed light on my purpose or were the impetus for my nights being dim.

… There are more important objectives than possessions or wealth.  I long for perfect peace, the Divine’s power to pulse through me, and holistic health.

… When pieces of my mind were falling at my feet and I trampled my desires in the dirt of my disgust I had no other choice than to readjust and dust off the fears of my failures, the regrets of my regressions, and the cries of my contradictions and regain and renew the rights to my auspicious attributes.  After all, there was greatness inside of me.

I resolve to continue to love me in the midst of me and in spite of me.

I resolve to do my best, be my best, and give my best, even when I don’t feel like my best.

I resolve to be more proactive in fulfilling the Divine’s vocation carved out for me: To give selflessly so that others may actualize their destiny.

The pangs in this process may not lessen as situations scatter and other circumstances begin to matter.  Yet I will release the proverbial bullet of pain and accept that I am a creation upon the Supreme Potter’s wheel and so will digress from desires to be vain or thoughts of disdain.

I SHALL resolve to enter into the Divine’s present reality as S/He remains the Center of my future ingenuity.

I resolve my availability for the Universe’s Creator to wash my heart with the Redeemer’s Salvific blood and that an abundance of Spirit may flow deep within.

As the second-hand on my analog watch Tick… Tick… Ticks in synchronization, I will remain true to me to be me as I move farther along towards my destination.

BE “IT” RESOLVED… I Resolve to be ME!


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