Amazon Echo: Alexa and Dot


by Jendayi Tresea Plaid

I was at Bob & Martin’s brunch a few weeks ago and we were talking about a certain song or something. At this point I don’t even remember what the topic was because all of a sudden Martin said “Alexa play ____”, and sure enough the music changed.
Oh eem ghee! It was like being in a movie where the narrator, magically, takes us back to a certain time and place via the background music just by asking.

And just as magically as my introduction to Echo, the speed at which I ordered, it arrived and was set up on my entire music system was I think 2 days, 3 tops, Amazin’!

I opted for the smaller version “Dot” because it could be added to my existing speakers via Bluetooth or speaker cable. It worked out great because it so inconspicuous. The cord I had wasn’t long enough to get it across the entire room so It actually sat on the back of a couch under an existing decorative blanket for a while.

I’m a Prime member so I immediately have access to every song I can think of. Getting weather forecast, driving directions, scores, news, playing games (jeapordy’s my fav) and reading my audible & kindle books is just the cherry on top. Oh and there’s more to learn or as it says “skills to teach her”. All of this for $39 It’s gone back up to regular of $49 but I bought another one,


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