How to Form Your Congruent Community


by-Paul L. Grace-Neal

Oxon Hill, Maryland–My life couldn’t be any better right now. Everything is lining up.  I have clarity and confidence that as I transition  in various areas of my life, I will always go higher.  This took a lot of praying and trusting in the Divine. It took a whole lot of letting go of unhealthy things and even people.  If someone is imposing their ideas of who you should be and that’s not you, let it go.  If they persist, you may have to let them go.  Some are for a season yet many are for a life time. Hold on to your emotions and dreams.  Dreams do become reality.

 If you are part of the Trans* umbrella or spectrum, be audacious and authentic in who you are.  How you express yourself and identify is solely your journey.  Allow people to walk with you only if they can keep up with you.  If they are pulling you back or down, run quickly.  They are not for you, rather against you. 

Be positive and keep positive people in your life.  They say opposites attracts.  That’s only true with magnets and batteries. In real life, like-minded people attract other like-minded people.  Dependent upon which side of the equation you are on negative and positive energy may draw you into a space where you may be content or not. I encourage you to get on the right side.

During this holiday season and New Year’s season make a commitment to do all that you can do to be all that you can be.


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