by Juan Carlos Santisteban

Lima–Lima is at its most interesting time, something that probably not many know, as it is considered the fifth largest city in Latin America, with a metropolitan area of about eight and a half million people.

This cosmopolitan capital has remained silent during this millennium as one of the five powers of Latin America alongside cities such as Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Bogotá and São Paulo, and logically has made a great leap in terms of same sex rights regarding gender equality is concerned and as a result, it attracts a growing gay tourism.

Although the bases to attract gay visitors are already contemplated in Lima (basic legal protections, a growing nightlife, a good hotel infrastructure, restaurants, among others), it is necessary to develop them so that this beautiful, vibrant and historical capital, Founded in 1535 as the “City of Kings”, is a very prosperous LGBTQ destination in the eyes of the world.

 Suddenly things are changing in Lima. During the last presidential election in Peru, the equal rights of LGBTQ folks have surprised everyone by becoming an important debate. LGBTQ travelers, upon learning of this they have decided to start exploring Lima, eager to find the great jewel of South America. One thing is certain: visitors who once saw Lima as a quick stop before venturing to Cuzco and Machu Picchu (a few hundred miles to the southeast), are now staying longer in Lima to enjoy this city in Many of its many captivating facets.

To help you prepare your visit to the Peruvian capital (go beyond an anthropological view of the country and natural wonders), there are already travel agencies that have many years of experience in the field of tourism and is moving towards The local gay scene so that LGBTQ travelers from around the world can adapt their visit to the gay attractions that the capital of Peru offers.


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