HB2 Coup?


by Dr. John David Dupree

Costa Rica–At one time (47 years ago) I was very proud of my degree from the University of North Carolina. Over the years – with election and repeated re-election of arch-racist-sexist-homophobe Jesse Helms to the Senate and, more recently, passage and signing of draconian anti-gay/anti-trans HB2 in an expensive one-day closed kangaroo-type legislative session, my pride had eroded to embarrassment. Now with this latest “legislative coup”, that one-time pride has been reduced to shame, laced with fear of what will happen nationwide with a racist-sexist-homophobic-xenophobic despot-wannabe at the helm of our sinking ship of state.
When I saw his unkempt bloated body strutting across that Alabama stage on the news – bragging about his “landslide” victory, even though he lost by three million votes! – I became nauseated again (common these days) and extremely fearful about where “we” have come and where “we” are headed.
Strength and wisdom will hopefully prevail, leaving us back on the right side of history in my lifetime… If I don’t live to see it, hopefully my kids and grandkids will…


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