Dim Sum Lose Some: Single Parenting Through the Eyes of an ABC


by Tammy Lee

San Leandro, CA–Just my random thoughts about single parenting and all the trials, tribulations, joys and triumphs I’ve encountered along the way.  My story is no different than all those parents out there, except perhaps the fact that it comes from my perspective and the fact that as a first generation ABC (American Born Chinese) I’ve done the single parenting thing my son’s entire life, sometimes with support, often times, without…I grew up with very traditionally minded Chinese parents and their views on how a “proper” Chinese girl should behave.  Deciding to raise my son (who is only half-Chinese) on my own and finding my own way as a mom has been an ongoing  journey and a  lot of the breaking out of the “tiger mom” parenting style of my own parents.


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