What I learned about myself and Arise 2.0

Michelle Griego, Kiki, and MacArthur Flournoy Photo Credit:  Tammy Lee


by Tammy Lee

San Leandro –When I first read that my friend was now principal blogger and Editor-In-Chief of Arise 2.0, I thought to myself, “Good for her that she’s following her heart and pursuing her passion which is writing”  I didn’t know much about Arise 2.0 except that it was a publication for and about the LGBT community.

I read somewhere that fear distorts our perception and how we see the world and the situation we are in.  In my mind, I had already decided and perceived that Arise 2.0 was a publication that would not relate to me because am not L,-G-B or T.

At least that’s what I thought I read based on the quick glances on my social media timeline whenever my friend posted something about Arise 2.0 such as a new editor appointment.  In retrospect and maybe with some soul searching reminders from my friend, I saw what I thought I saw based on what I perceived the publication was meant for and I completely missed the part that it was a publication for allies of the LGBT and basically inclusive of everyone regardless of age, race and sexual orientation.  All I saw were people whom I assumed were members of the LGBT community rather than what it was, possibly friends and allies of the LGBT community.

In the process, forgetting that I am and always will be an ally.


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