12 Steps to Coming Out



by Paul L. Grace-Neal
Oxon Hill, Maryland–1. I grappled with my feelings of inadequacy and indifference to live as authentically as I am challenged to become.
2. Became honest with myself that my feelings and thoughts were valid as I transform into the likeness I desire to be.
3. Became determined not to fit into any stereotype or to allow others to define me. Instead, I shall evolve as I remain content with me.
4. Sought guidance and counseling from others in my community and their allies to gain a greater understanding of how to develop my process.
5. Loved, accepted, and appreciated all of me despite others opinions of me.
6. Engaged in a supportive and encouraging network of others in my identified community and supporters to grow into my own being- Body, Mind, and Spirit.
7. Reflected daily on my progress of transition and embraced every moment of change.
8. Conversed with family, friends, and associates to tell my thoughts of coming out and also accepted their acceptance of me in their process.
9. Actively engaged with others who share my experiences or were gifted in my area of need before making any life altering decisions.
10. Lived my life to the fullest, accepting all areas of my being.
11. Loved me for me.
12. After progressing through my journey- good and not so good and growing in confidence to fully accept myself-flaws and all, sought to assist others through mentorship and support in a deliberate effort to walk with them Spiritually as they grow to be transformed into their own truth.


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