#BlackinScandinavia:Kiki interviews Dwayne Powell and More


Star date Wednesday 12/7/16

by Akilah “Kiki” Monifa

Stockholm–Today did not go as planned.  I had two events to cover for 2016 Nobel Week and I missed them both.  I was physically tired.  So I slept and took it easy. Last night I had the opportunity to spend the night at the Pop House Hotel.  I arrived there via Ferry at 3pm, it was already dark, sunset was 2:51.

It was my intent to go to ABBA The Museum, the Good Evening Europe! exhibition, all in the same building, get something to eat at the restaurant, do writing, editing and publishing for Arise 2.0 and do background prep for the Nobel events scheduled.

Long story short, I fell asleep in the Pop House Hotel robe and when I awakened I had missed the first event.  So, I went to plan B.  I had the free breakfast buffet, got a late checkout and decided to take it easy and intentionally missed the next Nobel event.

I decided to focus on the events of Nobel Week Dialogue scheduled for 12/9/16.  The focus is on the role of food in our lives.  “Who influences our choices if food and how do such choices impact our planet.”


The theme is Your Plate.  Our Planet.  The Future of Food.  There will be a panel discussion and I have requested an interview with Patti Smith who is talking about the importance of role models.  I have also requested interviews with Zeinab Badawi, Elizabeth Blackburn, Steven Chu, Kavita Shukla, and Lindiwe Majaele Sibanda.


That’s a lot of prep work, I needed to take tasks off my plate, not add to it.

So, after checked out I headed back to the M/S Birger Jarl Hostel and Hotel, my home away from home.

I stopped two places, Subway to grab a sandwich for dinner and snack, and Digital Inn, an Apple Premium Reseller to window shop.  I bought a USB power adapter, a 4 port USB 3.0 hub, and a Richmond & Finch Green Marble Glossy case, a Scandinavian design from Sweden for my iPhone 7 plus.


I came away with much more.  I met Dwayne Powell, who works there and I asked if I could interview him for 3 minutes about being #BlackinScandinavia.

Dwayne is from New York and moved to Sweden for love, the great health care system, and a better quality of life.

He taught me essential words in Swedish and was great energy.  I also realized that I had not hugged anyone since Friday 12/2 when my BFF/co-publisher/founder business partner/hubby, MacArthur Flournoy,  dropped me off at the airport.  Dwayne is a good hugger, and he walked me to the door and opened the door for me like I was his family.

The key take away from Dwayne is “there is way more than America, it is so small to be that big.  Get the hell out of there people”  And when you are in Scandinavia, “you are not a nigga, in America you are every mother fucking day and even black people judge one another.”

Thanks to Visit Stockholm Magnus Lindbergh and Nicole Johansson and Visitor’s Center of Stockholm for the complimentary visit to  ABBA the Museum and the Swedish Music Hall of Fame.

Thanks to Pop House Hotel and Helena Mattsson for another visit to ABBA then Museum et. al., and the complimentary stay at the hotel with a wonderful breakfast in the restaurant.  And thanks to the unknown staffer who found my ferry card I dropped and turned it into the reception.

Thanks also to Anders Lindstrom of Norwegian Air for the premium accommodations round trip, non-stop OAK to ARN.   And for the story ideas and introductions to Visit Stockholm.

Watch Dwayne’s full interview here.  `

Peace, love, gratitude, compassion, and blessings.




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