Editor’s Note



by Akilah “Kiki” Monifa

Stardate 12/6/16

Stockholm– 40 years ago, at age 19 I wrote in my journal that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up.  I fashioned myself as a cross between the two writers I knew, one Nikki Giovanni, and the other Lillian Hellman (or at least Lauren Bacall’s portrayal of Hellman).  Both brilliant writers, tough broads, smokers and hard drinkers.  I neither drank nor smoke at the time, but the notion or the long suffering artist was attractive to me.

I didn’t get published as a writer until I was 40 years old.  I pursued other full-time work and family.

Now, at nearly 60 I am truly living the dream.  Starting my own media outlet with my best friend, an online version of the print publication he started 16 years ago that I was a part of.

This time I am writer, editor, and publisher.  Currently on assignment in Stockholm, Sweden  covering Nobel Prize week and more.

Numerous people have said that they wish they could have the life I am leading. Much of what I do does not appear to be work.

That is the beauty of following your passion.  And having the courage to do so while dealing with the economic realities of life.  I have two teenaged children and I personally like the good life.  I am privileged.

Many things are afforded to me as perks in media that it would be difficult to attain paying for myself.  I acknowledge the perks and continue to work hard and dream harder.

I am traveling alone but I am not lonely.  Yesterday I met the chef for the Nobel Prize Banquet.  I interviewed him and then took the subway with him to his restaurants.

I then spoke via phone to my best friend, hubby, muse, co-publisher and co-founder of Arise 2.0 for nearly two hours as we plotted and planned.

I spoke to my friend Raul who directed me to two pieces of content to aggregate for Arise 2.0  I then spoke to Shaun Haines, a young man I have seen at events but never knew he was a writer and a social media strategist.  A welcome addition to Arise 2.0.

And finally I connected with JC, Juan Carlos in Lima, Peru via FaceBook audio and interviewed him.  We are FaceBook friends but had never met, but connected through a mutual friend and Trans Woman editor, Veronika Fimbres.

There are no accidents, it is a wonderful life.  I am thrilled to be doing what I love, my destiny.

If you have a desire to write, do it, and after studying what appears on the page of Arise 2.0 please send me your submissions to kiki@arise2ptoh.com.

Live your dreams as they become reality.  What ever they are.

Peace, love, gratitude, compassion and blessings.




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