Editor’s Note on “THE DICHOTOMY OF BEING TRANS*Gender Identity vs. Gender Expression”


by Akilah “Kiki” Monifa, Editor-in-Chief, Co-founder/publisher of Arise 2.0

Thanks again to Paul for his thoughtful piece “THE DICHOTOMY OF BEING TRANS*Gender Identity vs. Gender Expression”.  The main reason MacArthur and I started Arise 2.0 was to give ourselves and others a forum, a voice to voices often not heard in the traditional media.

We also wanted to engage in dialogue.  I reread Paul’s piece numerous times. Although I am not transgender, I do get mis-gendered.  More on that in a separate blog.

I posted the blog to my personal page and to the Arise 2.0 Facebook page and have received comments that I am trying to determine if they are transphobic.   That’s part of the engagement as well.

We can all “agree to disagree”.  I support Paul and others as part of our community. What are your thoughts?

If you have submissions, please email to the publishers:  kiki@arise2ptoh.com and/or mac@arise2ptoh.com.

Peace, love, gratitude, compassion and blessings.




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