10 Questions for Arise 2.0

by Akilah Monifa

img_0180Thanks for being a part of the Arise 2.0 community.  We want this experience to be interactive.  Can you please take a moment to respond to 10 questions? My responses are below as an example.

Arise 2.0 is an online publication founded by Rev. MacArthur Flournoy and Akilah Monifa, both members of the LGBTQ community of color.  Arise 2.0 springs from Arise:  A Publication for the African-American Sexually Diverse Community co-founded and co-published by MacArthur Flournoy and Glenn Alexander.  Akilah Monifa was an original contributing editor.

Arise 2.0 is modeled after The Huffington Post.

Michael D said of TheRegistryBayArea.com, the Bay Area’s only weekly enews featuring the best of African American arts, culture, events and tech, that it was “. . . Town and Country for black folks”.

Arise 2.0 is a multimedia online news and opinion online publication with interviews and discussions of race, politics, religion, spirituality, culture, sports, tech, the arts, food, entertainment, sexual orientation/identity  and more, and the intersections.

It is by and for all members of the LGBTQ communities of color and our allies.

We also aggregate online content.  It’s our passion, our love, our pleasure, and our fun.  We control our media and glad you can join our village.

Please let us get to know you better.  Complete the questions and include your twitter handle.

1.  How do you self-identify, short bio please especially as it relates to LGBTQ folks of color and allies?

Akilah Monifa (@kikithinks) lives and loves in Oakland, California, is a divorced lesbian of African descent who wears ties and also a mother of two teens.  She co-parents with her ex-wife.  She is a writer/blogger/author/storyteller/ and loves to make connections.

2.  What if any was your relationship with Arise:  A Publication for the African American Sexually Diverse Community?

I was an original contributing editor, then a features editor, and managing editor.  MacArthur is my hubby/best friend, Glenn is a good friend.

3.  What is your relationship with Arise 2.0?

I am co-founder and co-publisher with MacArthur, Chief Evangelist, President of Social Media and Editor-In Chief.

4.  What and where was your first concert?

Jose Feliciano was my first concert in Auburn, Alabama, I was 16 years old.  I recall waiting back stage for Jose to sign a picture of himself, in retrospect maybe that wasn’t possible since he was and is blind.

5.  What is your favorite color and why?

Purple is my favorite color for Prince, for royalty, for love, and because I look good in it.

6.  What was the last book you read and what format was it in?

The Power of Meditation:  An Ancient Technique to access your inner power by Edward Viljoen

It was in print, I love the feel of a book and I love bookmarks.

7.  Uber or Lyft and why?

Lyft because T-Mobile, my mobile provider give free rides every other Tuesday, Lyft also uses “Lyft Line” which is less expensive and creates a community.

8.  What have you crossed off your bucket list and name one thing that remains on your bucket list.

I recently crossed off going to Stockholm, Sweden from my bucket list.  I got a round-trip ticket for $360.  For many years I lived in fear that I couldn’t go because I couldn’t afford it.  I could, did and I am going back soon.

Skydiving remains on my bucket list.  I did indoor skydiving and am eager to train for and take a dive.

9.  What is your passion, what do you love?

I love writing/blogging, communicating and connecting folks.  That is truly my calling, my passion, my love.

10.  What question do you wish we had asked and please answer the question.

What is the biggest misconception some people have about you?

There are two:  one is that I am an extrovert because I can work a crowd and I produce events.  I am not shy, but in fact I am an introvert.  I feel more energized by time alone, I avoid large crowds.

And two, that I live on Facebook and put everything I do on Facebook.  I am very calculated about my use of social media, Facebook in particular.  People who are paying attention will note that my actions are not recorded 24/7 on Facebook, no one’s are.

Please in box your responses to me Akilah “Kiki” Monifa, or dm me @kiki_thinks.

Please also suggest at least one other person to become a part of the Arise 2.0 village. Follow us on Facebook, invite your friends to like us, share our posts, comment.

Peace, love, gratitude, compassion, and blessings.



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