ONLY ME: That’s Me!

bisexual-683960_640-1by Paul L. Grace-Neal

When I first felt like a man, I felt bizarre.

Like I was in a distant land afar.

You see, I had been a woman so long that I questioned God.

“God? What took You so long?”

She found out when he was a child.

He wears men’s clothes and she’s a woman.

But that’s not me.

She wears make up and he has a beard.

But that’s not me.

No. That wasn’t me. I am me.

Who am I? What should I look like? Who should I be?

No one looks like me.

That’s because only I can look like me.

I can be a girl and wear Fruit of the Loom

Or I can be a boy and where scented perfume.

No! They are not me. Only I can be me.

I can’t worry about what others think or say.

‘Cause I can only be me any day.

Some days If I want to wear a skirt

And on other days wear a tie and button down shirt

Then that is me.

If I long to work out at the gym and look like a buff muscle man

Then I can.

It doesn’t matter what others see.

Because that’s me.

If I want to shop till I drop

For stilettos and makeup

Or possess a curly haired poodle pup.

Then that is who I am.

Yes! That’s me.

And I don’t give a damn.

No! They are not me. I am me.

I can only be me.

There are some who act and dress like me.

But they are different because they are not me.

No! They are not me. I can only be me.

No one can traverse the path to my destination

On any occasion.

It’s not your journey.

Only I can travel the path for me.

I am evolving

And each step of the way is not so appalling.

It’s not so bad.

This is real. I love who I am becoming and my process is not a fad.

I am right where I am because I am supposed to be.

I am who I am because I am supposed to be.

I am why I am because I am supposed to be.

I am whose I am because I am supposed to be–

And no one can take that away from me.

Every one has their own things to experience and see.

Hopefully we will all move further toward witnessing our own authenticity.

No! You can’t be me

And I can’t be you.

Each route we take leads us to becoming unique creations anew.

I am not you

And you are not me.

We can only be who we are destined to be.

That’s not me. I am me. This is me…

God loves me!



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